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Valentine's Day Wishes Quotes messages

Valentine’s Day 2020 Wishes Messages Greeting quotes Wishes Card Gifts and beautiful Ideas

Valentine’s day is the most anticipated day for lovers. They wait for 364 days to express their love and worth to them. Valentine is someone who you feel most beauteous or person whose presence gives your feelings and love. So in theory, your valentine may not be your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.

It can be your fabulous friend, family member and those people who give you huge happiness and love. But since most of the time, it is your someone or partner who gives you so much happiness. This creates Valentine’s Day transformed into a lover’s day. Valentine’s Day became the day when you can express how much you love them and how beauteous they are in your eyes.


Valentine’s Day is also known as Heart’s Day. It started from the martyrdom of Saint Valentine of Rome. As we knowing, Deity is not allowed to have romance. But, Saint Valentine  has huge love for people who had a connection with him.

Valentines Day Messages and Valentines Day Wishes

Present, Valentine Day is just around the corner. It’s a period to get prepared and visit your valentine or somebody especial. But a few Valentine gifts and cards. Write a few great and romantic Valentine messages that will create your lover’s bloom. If you are not best with a word, I hope that the following Valentine’s message example will assist you.

You are my Valentine,

The love of my life,

The just one who makes me smile

With just a look in the eye.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

I will ever be here for you,

You are the cause of everything I do.

I will never always let you go,

My love for you will go on to increase


Today is Valentine Day

I feel so blessed to have you as my Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings, Valentines Wishes Greetings

Happy-Valentine -day

You care for me,

Stand by me,

Make me happy

It makes me think I’ m Fortunate.

Noe, my cute baby

Let me return the favorite

Be my Valentine perhaps

You give me so much joyousness

All the moment with you I truly enjoy it.

Because you are my Valentine

Our love overflows

I wish we’ll go on to freshness!

Happy Valentines Day

To you consist, my love,

You are the just one that I want to have.

Smile and you will make me cheerful

You are the great gift that I always had!

I love you so much!

Valentines Day Card Messages, Happy Valentines Day Messages


Valentines Day Card Messages, Happy Valentines Day Messages

Make your Valentine Greeting more personal by making your aim Valentine’s card with words that will touch the heart of your love. It is nice to fill it with your have romanticist Valentine’s day expression. But, if you discover it a small difficulty, you may try to make use of the following Valentine greeting and Valentine’s wishes. You may play with these Valentine card messages, Valentine SMS message, and romantic Valentine message too by adding you have views.

With you, I learned

That love is too good

So do not forget

The moments we shared!

We have been through many,

And never did we part.

The love we had from the beginning,

Go on to linger in our hearts!

Let us ever remember

The love that binds us together.

May we stay always

In love with each other.

On Valentine’s Day, I want to greet,

Everybody that I will meet. 

So that on this special event,

I know I have many love to share.

Valentine Messages for Girlfriend, Valentines Day Greetings for Wife

Valentine Messages for Girlfriend, Valentines Day Greetings for Wife


Honey, thank you dear for saying ‘’I do’’.

You are my superior asset.

I love you!

I will never get tired of saying how much I love you!

You have taken care of me and have given all the love that you can give.

Thank you so much! Happy Valentine’s day wife!

You never ending to amazement me every day with your charm.

Your smile brightens up my day.

You are the one that keeps me feeling young and loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love the way you make me feel.

It is so special and I cannot discover correct words to explain it.

I guess this is loving.

We feel it and no necessity to explain why.

Your smile brightens up my day.

Holding your hands show that I own you.

Having you beside me is a real treasure.

You are mine and I will love you with all my heart.

You are attractively wrapped with every characteristic that I love. 

You are specially delivered to me by God.

Your value is one of a kind.

You are my love and always you’ll be in my heart.

You make each day special because of your love.

Your kind heart radiates from inside out.

You inspire me to love you more and more.

Thank you for the love that keeps us powerful.

Outstanding Valentines Day Greeting, Romantic Valentines Day Greetings


My day will not be complete without thinking of you.

My day will not be complete without thinking of you.

My heart beats so fast whenever I do.

Did I ever tell you know much I love you?

I can’t because words are not enough to say it.

Love. Love, and love.

I am sorry but that is the only feeling left in my heart for you!

I love you!

I haven’t worn a smile for the longest time I remember.

But when I started loving you, things changed.

This magical smile can’t go off my face.

My arms are powerful because of you.

My hands grip tight because of you.

My life is special because of you.

I love you

Today, I am so proud to announce that this man is mine.

I have fallen madly in love with him.

Valentines Day quotes and sayings

Valentines Day Wishes Quotes, Valentines Quotes Messages

Valentines Day Wishes Quotes, Valentines Quotes Messages

Valentine’s Day is one of the exactly times to let your partner and important others how you realize about them. Make them feel special and remembered this Valentine’s Day. Here are a few Valentine’s Day quotes and Valentine’s day saying that you can put on your love cards and ecards.

Valentines-Day Quotes-Massages

  • Love is an attractive feeling to be irresistibly desired.
  • Love is a canvas equipped by Nature and embroidered by imagination.
  • I love you like crazy, baby
  • ‘Cuz I’d go crazy without you.
  • Love is the silent expression and saying of a single name.
  • True love stories never have endings.

The hour I spend with you I look upon as type of a scentless garden, a hushed dusky, and a structure singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. 

Valentines Day Message for father

Happy Valentines day to the Great Dad in the world

Valentines Day Card Messages, Happy Valentines Day Messages

Who expresses Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? It can also be exactly timing to expressed your affectionate  to the first man you love for all of your life – your d. Show him some love and affection by giving him Valentine’s Day cards with some of the best Valentine’s day greetings and wishes.

Dad, since I have no special man yet,

I want you to be my Valentine

For you are the very first man I love

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad!

Dad, thank you for everything.

You are the best dad in the world.

I am so happy to be your daughter.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dad, all moment I spent with you is invaluable

You are so cool, handsome and kind.

It’s really enjoyable to be with you.

Thank for everything.

Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend and Husband

Valentine’s Day is a great time to pamper him with love and affection. You can amazement him with a special Valentine’s gift that you ready for the whole year. You can either bake him a cake or cookies. make a Valentines day card and write what you feel for him. If you don’t have any clue about what to write on a Valentine’s day card, you necessity not worry. Here is a few sample Valentines day messages for boyfriend you can use to tickling his emotion.

  • Valentines day messages for boyfriend
  • My heart wouldn’t be whole if haven’t found you.
  • I feel so lucky to have you. I love you.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Just the thought of you makes my heart beat so fast,
  • I love you!
  • I feel so fortune that you chose to love me.
  • I will ever be thankful.
  • I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  • Loving you is one of my dreams come true.
  • I love you so much!
  • You comforted me when I am Worried.
  • Lifts me when I am down.
  • You are not only my love.
  • You are also my best friend who never gets tired to listen to me.
  • You are a companion, my best friend, and my one true love.

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