Current Date:27 November, 2020
Cancer A Deadly Disease

Cancer A Deadly Disease

Our body is composed of millions and trillions of cells and each of them has a job to perform.  Normal cells die when they are worn out. But when these cells grow uncontrollable, they keep on growing and form new cells thus causing cancer.

Cancer A Deadly Disease

Different types of Cancer:

Cancer cells spread very rapidly to other parts of the body. For instance if a person has lung cancer, the cancer cells can travel to the bones. But the person can still be said to have lung cancer.

Different types of cancer differ from each other, some of them spread very rapidly while others spread slowly. Some cancers can be treated with surgery while others only need drugs.

When the cancer cells grow rapidly they form lumps in the body but all lumps are not cancer. Only when the doctors diagnose the lump as malignant its cancer.

Are we all carriers of Cancer Cells?

A very potential question that arises in everyone’s mind and has been answered in different ways by medical experts. But so far they have all arrived at the same conclusion. According to a professor of biochemistry, Jennifer Loros, from the Dartmouth Medical School there are certain stages in a cell’s life-cycle where it has to decide that at what stage it should divide or kill itself. Cancer occurs when some fault occurs in the cell’s cycle and the unhealthy cells keep on dividing.

According to the University of Nevada, School of Medicine cells are in the process of a rapid division and some of these cells are mutated with the possibility of becoming cancerous. When our body’s immune system fails to identify these cells, they develop into cancer.

According to Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D.Internal Medicine, from the University of Chicago each and every person has cancer cells in his/her body. But we seldom get to know about them because our body’s immune system kills them the moment it realizes that they are foreign.

We don’t get Cancer. We provoke Cancer.

Dr William Li, MD, Cancer Researcher, President and Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation says that all of us, without any exception, have very tiny almost invisible cancers growing inside us. Our body has a number of cells, dividing rapidly and doing various jobs to keep our body healthy. But by mistake even if a single cell mutates we acquire the possibility of developing cancer.

What aids Cancer? Cancer A Deadly Disease

Dr Li further says that now we are left with this question that what are the factors that cause these benign cancerous growths to develop into mature cancer.  The study has revealed that excess exposure to the sun, too much cigarette smoke, whether you are a smoker yourself or exposed to it, being alcoholic or consuming too much processed food. All this is harmful to us and disrupts the natural cycle of the cells.

How can we prevent Cancer?

Dr Li further says that studies have also revealed some good news about cancer that we can include many things in our life which will strengthen our body’s defense system against cancer. For instance if we exercise regularly, get a good, sound sleep or take enough fruits and vegetables which are full of nutrients and anti-oxidant compounds, we are literally starving the cancer cells.


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